Branded Merchandise! Become More Stylish While Supporting a Worthy Cause

I am pleased to announce the arrival of a store with branded t-shirts, hoodies, polos, pull-overs, dice trays and more. These items are not the typical ‘create-your-own-x’ products available from the dozens of websites that will put an image on a dumpy sweatshirt cheaply. Instead, I teamed up with small Vermont-based company that designed the logo and helped me sort through several thousand products from nearly a hundred different suppliers in order to create a selection of well-made items that I would want to own myself- (and I now do.) I am particularly pleased with the quality of the t-shirts, which are not only super comfortable but sustainably produced with fair labor practices.

Don’t worry though, I am not monetizing or becoming mercenary about I do hope to raise enough money to cover the annual hosting fee for the site, but any actual profits will be donated to the charity SmileTrain or a 40k-related fundraiser for a similar charity. In addition to covering my practical expenses and supporting a worthy cause, each purchase you make sustains the website in another way: it helps me stay excited about creating new posts and updating existing content by affirming that my readers are engaged.

Also, if I see you with any branded merchandise at a big tournament, I will insist on buying you a beer. Or tea. Or a hot chocolate if that’s your thing. So if that happens even once, I am guaranteed to lose money on this. Phew! Still a labor of love.

Without further ado, please visit:
Keep in mind that each of these items is available in a variety of color combinations- just click on the colored squares to see options.

If these initial products are successful, I plan to add objective markers, scoring mats, and additional clothing. (I am a bit of a clothes-horse in real life.)

If you have ideas for products you would like to see, please drop me a note using the “Contact” tab at the top of the page.

Yours in sartorial enthusiasm,


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4 thoughts on “Branded Merchandise! Become More Stylish While Supporting a Worthy Cause

  1. Hey Brent, for us larger guys, can you please add a size chart please. And while you are there and if you haven’t where you are able to ship to?

    1. The size charts are all uploaded and available on each item now. You may need to turn off popup blocking depending or clear the cache for the link to show up; any new visitors will see it normally.

      We can ship anywhere in the world except India at the moment.

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