Sic Semper Tyranids! A Fundraiser for Ukrainian Children

Since February 25th, my wife and I have had the same routine every evening: we put our two young children to bed and stay up too late working on this diorama. It features an Aeldari Autarch defending a barricade from a Tyranid Haruspex. Although in the grim-dark setting of the 41st millennia, the color schemes are evocative of Craftworld Alaitoc and Hive Fleet Behemoth, I think for many of us these colors have taken on new significance in the last couple of weeks.

For a video that covers this content and shows more of the diorama, click here.

In a moment, I am going to put this diorama up for sale on Ebay. When it sells, I will immediately donate 100% of the proceeds to Save the Children’s Ukraine Appeal. In addition, I will add to that money the value of the models- (although I hope the diorama sells for considerably more than the costs of its component parts.)

I recognize that this gesture is small, and that there are people all over the world doing much more. But if the millions who sympathize with Ukraine’s current struggle each help in whatever way we can, those collective contributions could make significant differences in the lives of real human beings who do not currently have the luxury of hobbies.

Regardless of whether you are interested in bidding, I hope you might consider sharing this post anywhere you think it might get traction, and consider making a donation to Save the Children or a similar charity of your choice.

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One thought on “Sic Semper Tyranids! A Fundraiser for Ukrainian Children

  1. Not the only one wanting to make a diorama, I’m planning on making an Eldar vs chaos themed one.
    I hope this does well, we as a community have shown just how much we can do when joining together to achieve something.

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