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Below you can find a list of upcoming blog posts and page updates in no particular order. If you have an idea for something you would like to see, get in touch via the contact section and let me know.

UPDATE: November, 24, 2021
Okay everybody, here is the situation. My wife and I are expecting our second child any day now, and as a result my new content creation has been limited to a Youtube video every ten days or so. Currently, those videos- and answering regular emails from readers- is about what I can manage. When the new Codex drops, (probably in February or March if the rumors are true,) I will update all of the strategy guides on this website to reflect utter transformation of space elves as we know them. 

In the VERY unlikely event that someone at GW takes an interest in my content and sends me an advance copy of the codex to review, (unsubtle hint,) I will have all of the updates ready to go on the release day along with a Youtube video reviewing the new book. Assuming that I do not have access to an advance copy- (which is probable-) these updates will appear gradually over a number of weeks after the codex drops. 

Let me just say to those of you who dislike videos that I feel appropriately guilty for not also keeping all of the information in the site current, but at the moment I need to make hard decisions about where to focus my efforts, and the response rate for the videos has been exponentially greater than for the articles. Remember that you can always drop me an email if you really want me to weigh-in on something. 

In addition, here are some blog posts that I have ambitions to eventually write:

Small Squad Shenanigans: Craftworld Eldar in Kill Team 2.0

The Friends Your Mother Warned You About: Ynnari Allies in 9th Edition (But not until Ynnari get a 9th edition update- I may do a short article just on using the Triumvirate before then though.) 

Sloppy Seconds for the Win; The Delicate Art of the Beta Strike

The Five Skills that Make a Great 40k Player