Getting Started With Eldar

Some of what I brought to my last Apocalypse game

Playing Eldar: An Overview
How to Design and Eldar Army List
Our Best Units and How to Use Them
Your First 1000 Points
Your First 1000 Points on a tight budget
Competitive Vs Casual Play
Building the Elusive Wraith List
Where to Start with Paints if you Have Nothing
Tips, Tricks, Allies, and More: My Blog

The reason we play games is to have fun; that’s the purpose of games, (it obviously isn’t all about winning.) For example, I bet you have not chosen to start an eldar army because you think it will increase your win-rate at tournaments by 7% or something. No, you chose eldar because you love the models, or because you love the lore, or because you love the vibe of an impossibly beautiful ancient empire of space elves trying to thrive in the wake of an apocalypse brought on by their own debauched hubris.

As such, there is nothing wrong with getting started by buying a couple of units you just really like for one reason or another. This part you really don’t need help with; you already know which eldar models you like best.

That said, one of the aspects of games that makes them fun, however, is that they are challenging. Part of the fun of 40k is the challenge of trying to defeat your opponent by building a more effective list and/or playing the list you have built more effectively on the day.

The pages linked above are designed to help you get the most out of the hobby as an eldar player if you plan to engage in anything other than super casual beer-and-pretzels play, (which I also happen to love by the way.)

Once you have worked your way through the core content above, you can find regular updates and new material on the blog page.