Welcome to Craftworld Eldar

This site is intended to help players who have a basic understanding of 40k get started with Eldar. If you are really new to 40k and you don’t know what a battle forged army is or how stratagems work, click here

NOTE: I am currently in the process of updating all the strategy guides on this website to reflect the new 9th edition Aeldari Codex.
Until this is finished, your best best is to refer to new content on my blog, or to check out the play list on my Youtube channel for a complete codex review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul6jdoxRdWk&list=PLnbbgWE0JH-5m2_w2TLaTcCXgbQJ5vmec

For players new to 9th edition Eldar, but who have recently played 40k:
Start with Playing Eldar: An Overview and then move on to How to Design an Eldar Army List, Part 1. After this, have a look at Our Best Units and How to Use them followed by Your First 1000 Points and then How to Design an Eldar Army List Part 2. Players trying to make eldar happen on a tight budget can also check out Your First 1000 points on a budget to find out how to buy an effective 1000 point force for under $300. If you don’t actually own any paints and feel overwhelmed, read Where to start with paints if you have nothing. There is also a page on Competitive vs. Casual Play, and a Blog: tips and tricks section if you are interested in additional combos, list-building ideas, or my latest thoughts on the hobby. This blog section is where most new updates appear, so if you are a returning reader looking for the latest, that’s the page for you.

If you haven’t been able to find the answers you are looking for, have suggestions for future updates, or want to let me know how how awesome your army is, feel free to use the contact link to send me an email.